Some Clouds are Meant to be Kept Private

Addressing the Application Needs of Business for Sensitive Data & Customized Applications

Cloud adoption is increasing at a rapid pace and as more businesses are looking to deploy some type of cloud technology, it is worth taking a step back to understand how it works with an organization’s goals and objectives. The numbers speak for themselves. IDC pre- dicts a 25 percent surge in cloud spending (software, services and infrastructure) this year, reaching more than $100 billion.

Cloud adoption has introduced unique and complex security considerations for users. Organizations must look at how adopting a certain cloud model could affect their risk profile to data security, privacy and availability. With the number of cloud solutions on the market today and the various analyst reports touting which direction to take, there’s no wonder why businesses are questioning what approach is best.

Ready or not, cloud computing is here to stay and businesses need to make sure they are well educated on the benefits of each model and know how to select an experienced cloud provider. A well-managed private cloud can address concerns for applications with sensitive data or availability for customized solutions, while public clouds offer lower cost options for more generalized applications and storage. The key is to under- stand which applications are best for each cloud model, and why some applications are meant solely for private cloud.


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