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Dynamics 365 and the Delta Outage: Lessons on the Application Experience

As a traveler caught up in both Delta outages, Greg Pierce, Chief Cloud Officer could easily pinpoint areas where the cloud and strategic planning could have improved the situation for thousands of travelers. Delta was woefully unprepared, and their front line team members were scrambling and un-empowered. What does this have to do with ISVs and the application experience you deliver? Everything. 

View this webcast, where Greg discusses the lessons you can learn from this outage, and the steps necessary to make your application experience second-to-none. These steps go far beyond backups, redundancy and disaster planning. Greg delivers practical insight to ensure that a multi-cloud environment is connected, scalable, and uses a “one ring to rule them all” approach that ensures your solutions are always on and your team always prepared.


  • Duration: 34:24

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