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The cloud has irrevocably changed the way technology is delivered. But with security breaches, hacks and spying, risk is at an all-time high, accountability can be uncertain, and liability is often not well defined. Ensuring data security and regulatory compliance in the cloud can come down to seemingly small differences in processes and protocols from your provider. But those differences matter. Concerto utilizes a thorough, layered security approach and rigorous adherence to protocols to meet and exceed the individual security and compliance needs of our customers.

Data security and compliance is more than a few settings. It is a formal methodology that applies the right physical, technical and administrative processes to properly ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) of mission-critical applications.

Concerto Cloud employs engineers and security specialists with extensive certifications, including CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) as well as experience in real-world environments. We’ve built a comprehensive layered security and compliance approach that is safe for your IT environment – and a sound decision for your business.

The Concerto Cloud Security and Compliance Approach Includes:

  • Private Cloud that truly means private – Single-tenant configurations in highly-secure pods, world-class hardware and no shared instances including remote desktop, database or web front-end servers.
  • Customizable Security Postures – We can meet your regulatory compliance needs including SOC 1, SOC 2, SOX, HIPAA HITECH, FIPS 140-20, PCI, CJIS, ITAR and Safe Harbor.
  • Physical Security Systems – Concerto data centers access include biometric, card and PIN access, and 24x7x365 video surveillance.
  • Stringent Certifications – Concerto data centers meet ISO and LEED requirements.
  • Strict adherence to security and ITIL protocols – Each Concerto team member is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) certified and well trained on security protocols. These procedures include review of all technical changes by a security committee that protects customers from errors that can cause failure in security.
  • Data Encryption at Rest, In Transit, and In Use – Concerto’s managed cloud services include data encryption for all classifications of data.

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