Cloud-Centric IT

Cloud-based IT from Concerto Cloud Services, to help you focus on your core business

Check IT off your list with Concerto’s cloud-based IT services.

The question is no longer “What can I outsource?” It is “What can be securely delivered and efficiently managed in the cloud?”

Always-On Desktop and IT Services from Concerto

Concerto’s cloud-based IT and desktop services can help an organization gain a complete cloud-based IT platform. Our ability to centrally manage your IT guarantees:

  • Best in class centralized management and security. Through the cloud, Concerto provides centralized patching, updating, security protocols and maintenance across your entire network.
  • Improved access and security for your users to your critical systems. Broken laptop? Not a problem. Our cloud-based services allow users to access their environments on any device, shared office machine, or the one commandeered from your teenager.  Lost Phone?  No problem, our solutions allow us to remotely wipe the device, or just remove the corporate data off the phone or tablet.
  • Integration of your critical business applications. Have an industry-specific application that is key to your business? Connect these applications to your users’ desktops, or cloud-enable them through our private or public cloud platforms.
  • Excellence in support, application monitoring, and administration services. We include database administration and network support to ensure ‘always on’ desktop access for your users. What’s more, you can full visibility into the health of your environments through automated reporting and quantifiable metrics.  
  • Complete application and network monitoring for trouble-free computing.
  • Always-on managed desktop services. Get rid of the headache of managing end user devices and performing endless hardware refreshes with Concerto’s cloud delivered productivity solution. Our zero-maintenance, Office 365 based solution provides a full end user computing experience including the Microsoft applications business users love and know, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Skype instant messaging and video conferencing, and more. Plus the security you demand, regardless of the device.
You worry about your business while we worry about your IT infrastructure. Talk to a Concerto expert today about cloud delivered IT. 


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